Donation Confirmation

Please enter the required(*) information in this form to confirm EACH transfer, deposit, or check you received for the corresponding processing month. If you access your portal account the confirm link will automatically fill the Church or Ministry Name, Recipient Code, Processing Date of Donation fields in this form.

Note that you will have to confirm EACH processing month(or you may call it statement period) for your main account (or mother account. the mother account will have sub accounts of your ministry. sub accounts are like special projecs). Remember that your Church or Ministry will have one main/mother account and has one or more sub accounts.

Enter your church or ministry name here
Enter your Recipient code. (ie. R1234) or your MAIN or MOTHER account. Recipient code is your church or ministry account no. with MEANS. Please always reference this no. with your communications with MEANS. If you don't know your Recipient code, send an email to [email protected]
Select the corresponding processing date of the donation you are confirming receipt. The listed dates are ALL the processing dates in MEANS. You may NOT have donations on certain processing dates. To check if you have donations, check your account in the MEANS portal at .
Enter the actual amount your received in the bank. (in xxxxx.xx format. Do NOT include the comma(,) and the currency symbol $ or ₱ in this field. Use the Currency field below instead).
Indicate currency of the amount you received
Enter the Date when the donation posted into your bank (for bank transfers/direct deposit) or the Date when you received the MEANS check from the Post office.
Enter your FULL name as the authorize person of the Church or Ministry confirming the donation. This confirms that you have officially received the amount you entered.
Enter any comment or message for MEANS.
If we, at MEANS, do not receive confirmation within three months, we will hold your current and future donations until confirmation is received. This is an IRS USA requirement to confirm that we are remitting funds to legitimate organizations.